Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Chicago candy tour?
This original tour will combine sweet Chicago candy “facts”, explain candy ingredients, (as well as the origins of the ingredients we taste in almost every sweet) not to mention real candy bites along with a bag of nostalgic Chicago sweets. All of this will occur as we walk the original streets of Chicago’s entrepreneurial downtown with stops for “tastes” of history.

Will I visit candy factories?
Chicago’s downtown has candy production, but does not allow for physical tours in the plants. But, we will visit shops where candy making is still occurring on sight and in view.

Where do we walk to?
An exact meeting location will be provided when tickets are purchased. Typically our “meeting” spot will be at the Cultural Center on Randolph and Michigan Avenues.

How far to do we walk?
Summer weather tours will be traverse approximately 2 miles. WEAR comfortable walking shoes and please bring a drink. Water can be purchased along the way.

Does our ticket include any tastings?
Absolutely! Some candy will be provided at stops as well as your own nostalgic candy bag with sweet bites.

Do we end up at the same spot where we started?
No, but you will be very close to where we originated.

What do you get when you cross Chicago history, and Candy?
CHICAGO HISTORY + CANDY= Chicago Candy Tours!

We hope you enjoy your excursion.

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